How to qualify a lead ?

How to well qualify a lead.

When you receive a lead from your marketing support team, you have to call your prospect to qualify the needs or reject itĀ if there is no need.

  • Check where the lead is coming from: A trial, a white paper, a webinar, an email campaign or a database… Your will need to prioritize your lead in relation to the origin of this one.
  • Use the BANT method to qualify the lead:
    • Budget: Do they have a budget ?
    • Discover who is the decision maker?
    • What are the needs?
    • What is the project time-frame, 3,6,12+ months?

Do not miss any of these points, they are critical for you to continue with your prospect. It will help you to build an accurate pipeline for yourself and your manager.

Next step: What questions should you ask to qualify your lead?



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