LinkedIn: The most effective tactic my clients used in 2016 (to provoke cold conversations)

Great Article from Jeff Molander.

A great seller will push the prospect to ask for a demo. In less than 10 mins, you need to qualify and convince your contact. If you success, then he will ask for a demo. 


The most successful sellers are starting more conversations with prospects because they are crazy good at:

1 – Attracting customers to the idea of talking about their nagging fear, exciting goal or ambition.


2 – Helping customers discover, on their own, what they want, when & why.

They never ask for a meeting. But they get more than you do.

Here’s why:

Buyers value more what they ask for than what’s freely offered.

Customers value more what they conclude for themselves than what they’re told.

So you had better be asking yourself:

“How do I get people to ask for help?”

… and …

“How do I get potential buyers to figure things out — on their own?”

Answer: An effective communications technique. Get one. Now.


Source: LinkedIn

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