BANT: What questions to qualify a lead

When you qualify a lead you need to ask the right question to get the right answer to move forward.

Most of the time, this exercise is simple, just ask the question.

  • Budget
    • What is your budget for your project?
    • Is your budget between xx to yy?
    • Did you define a budget?
    • What price the competitor offered to you?
    • What is your ideal price? They love this question and if you agree on the pricing, this could be a win.
  • Authority
    • Who is the decision maker? (the technician will valid the solution, the IT Manager the budget, the CFO the price and the lawyers the contract)
    • Who will be involve in the project?
    • Who do I need to convince?
  • Needs
    • Have you done a RFP or RFI?
    • Did you write the requirements?
    • What do you want to achieve?
    • Who is the target?
    • Use open question to qualify the needs.
  • Timeframe
    • Did you schedule a time-frame ?
    • How much time do you give ┬áto yourself to achieve the project?
    • Is your project a priority?
    • This point is crucial because it will determine the next step of the sales cycle (demo, call, email, quote, etc.)


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