How to make a great demo?

You are pretty happy, you just got a demo. You qualified the lead and the prospect is requesting a demo after a good phone call. Now, you need to make a demo to interest your contact and push him to a trial period.

Some sellers use a standard demo to every single contact, is it the right thing to do? NO! If your lead is well qualified, you got the needs, the budget and you know the job of your contact. Of course, you won’t make the same demo to an IT Manager or a technician or a CFO. So adapt your demo to your audience. No need to talk about pricing to a technician if it is not clearly express by himself. Don’t be too technical with an IT Manager or a CFO.

How to impress with your demo?

  • Adapt your demo to your audience
  • Make a round table and share your agenda.
  • Ask to your audience if they understand, make it interactive
  • Invite your contact to ask questions
  • Use only few slides (10 max) to answer the needs and do not write to much. If you write too much, they won’t pay attention to your speech.
  • If you need to make a live demo of your platform, you may need the help of your pre-sales colleague.
  • Get the answers for any questions, if not, you have to send an email ASAP
  • Take your time to explain your solution, never rush a demo to keep high your KPIs (1.30 to 2 hours is good)
  • Refine your BANT
  • Close well your demo, ask for a next step, a time-frame or a trial.
  • Schedule the next phone call or next demo.
  • Send a calendar invitation


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