LinkedIn: Using metrics to integrate Marketing and Sales

Every marketer I speak to has one priority: creating a measurable impact on revenue.

Their challenge? Marketing efforts can take a long time to turn into results, so we rely on tactical metrics as a proxy – web traffic, form submits, likes, engagement, etc… These are really useful for building short-term growth hacks, but not great for measuring impact on revenue.

Contrast with the Sales team – they have one priority: they want to sell more. They measure this with one metric, Closed Won business, every month or quarter.

How do you bridge the gap from tactical marketing metrics to revenue metrics?

After interviewing hundreds of B2B Sales and Marketing teams, I’ve found there are four key metrics Marketing can use to show their impact on revenue. These metrics work from top of funnel to bottom, whether you practice Inbound Marketing, Demand Generation, or ABM.

These four metrics are conversion rates, volume, velocity, and value. Below, I’ll walk through each metric and show how you can use them to measure the efficacy of marketing program. Alone, these metrics can inform campaign performance, but together they can help create a whole new strategy for your business.


Source: LinkedIn

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