10 tips for an amazing cold call.

Cold calls are not dead, so better to be good at it ! Most of the company will ask you to pick up the phone and will use that metric to show your performance.

Few facts:

  • High volume cold calling (low quality)
    150~ 300 calls per day
  • High volume cold calling + predictive dialers (low quality)
    250~400 dials per day
  • Low volume cold calling (high quality, researched leads): 50+ dials per day
  • ABM + business databases (highest quality, i.e. Unomy, Insideview, DiscoverOrg): 25~75 dials per day

Cold calls are the basic of sales, we all have to pick up the phone to get some good opportunities. Did you know that the average number of cold calls per day is 50? With 50 calls you should be able to get at least few opportunities well qualified by yourself. But first you need to pass the gate keeper.

Most of the calls finish at the first door. The key is to make a small research about the company and your contact (position). You can ask more information to your contact directly when you qualify the lead. Do not spend too much time in your research (3 mins are enough). You have 50 calls to do, not 20. So better to pick up the phone to get what you want.

5 tips to pass over the secretary

  1. Say only your name and not your company
  2. Ask to talk to Mr X from [your name]
  3. Reason: where did you get the lead from: download, trial, webinar. etc.
  4. Use a high standard tone of voice
  5. Use a formal vocabulary

5 tips to perform an amazing cold call with an IT Manager

  1. Less than 10 mins
  2. Present yourself, your company and the purpose of your call
  3. Use open questions to discover the needs and then closed questions
  4. Follow the BANT strategy.
  5. Close the call with a calendar invite for the next step as a demo

Kevin Conan

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