Working hard or Smart?

I found this article on LinkedIn:

“The Secret To Sales You DON’T Want To Know” Source

The author said the secret is to work hard!

“There are plenty of people who try to work smart rather than hard. Those people will (oddly enough) do better than most people, I’m not going to deny that. They won’t however beat the people that work smart AND hard!”

Well, let’s talk about it ! In my career, I saw so many people working so hard, but without any positive result. I was wondering if it is enough to be a great seller??

I would say NO! That is the wrong direction ! The secret is the knowledge, and nothing will replace it.

YES: “Let’s be honest here, working in sales is hard” !


If you need to work smart, let’s focus on quality rather than quantity. The software market is highly competitive, between the other sellers and your competitors, you will need to provide the best work to differentiate yourself from the others.

DON’T RUSH your time with your prospects. We all dislike it.

What we should do:

  • Optimize your speech to the perfection
  • Optimize your time management
  • Optimize your product knowledge
  • Take your time to know your contact
  • Work as a team (Pre-sales, field, partners, sellers)
  • Don’t rush your time
  • Follow your strategy to close your deal
  • Don’t wait and act
  • Think as a seller and not a customer.

Quality work is hard, so it is better to work hard on your knowledge to optimize your skills than to rush your daily job.

Kevin Conan


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