What your manager won’t tell you !

Many people disagree with this article. I believe a manager does her/his best to get a successful team but she/he also has to deal with her/his own manager.

My advice is simply to do your job as it is your own business. Do your best to learn as quick as possible and be your own manager. Then, they are here to give you the best direction to your success.

  1. “Take a vacation. You should work less.”
  2. “I’m not the only one responsible for your promotion.”
  3. “Your reputation is just as important as your work product.”
  4. “You’re in a dead-end job.”
  5. “I am stressed out. It’s not about you.”
  6. “You know more about your job that I do.”
  7. “I’m unqualified to be your manager.”
  8. ”No one knows you.”
  9. “I’m reading your emails, IMs and browser history.”
  10. “You are in charge.”

Source: Glassdoor

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