How to success with a trial ?

Look at you how happy you are when you get a trial from one of your lead. If your prospect is trying your solution that may sounds good but it doesn’t mean he has a project. So get your phone to qualify the lead using the BANT  methodology  (Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeframe).

  • Most of the time a trial means a short or long time project. But sometimes it could be just by curiosity.

In case of project, you will need to assist your prospect. So you will need to do:

  • Engage with your contact to write a to do list
  • List your competitors
  • Qualify and prioritize the needs  to know if your product can answer all of them.
  • Don’t leave your prospect alone but schedule at least one call a week with your pre-sales to check if all is OK.
  • Send all the technical docs
  • Frame the project.
  • Guide your contact
  • Validate if the trial is finished and all the pints answered

Don’t waste your time if the needs don’t answer to what the prospect wants, this may be a dead end.

You will need to be extremely reactive to all the questions, so push your pre-sales to work in time. It will give you so much ! Time is money and respectability.

Place yourself as the main point of contact of your prospect, even if it is technical related. The knowledge is so powerful to manage in time and properly the deal.

Keywords: Schedule – Share and Knowledge

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