How to deal with CMOs?

How to convince the CMO? How to talk to them? How to get the right pitch?

8 Great points from the article:

  1. Don’t explain how to do their job
  2. Don’t sell features but sell the benefit of your solution
  3. Be a good listener and adapt your pitch to your audience
  4. Create emotions and memory
  5. Don’t rush a deal
  6. Who will pay for it ?
  7. HOMEWORK to get the attention
  8. Use digital tools to know your audience

Source: LinkedIn

Why sales reps shouldn’t talk so much ?

Listen and don’t speak so much ! That’s the master key when you are a sales rep. The prospect isn’t with you to hear you talking about how great is your solution. He is with you to get some helps and find the answer to his problem. So let them talk !


Source: Forbes

What your manager won’t tell you !

Many people disagree with this article. I believe a manager does her/his best to get a successful team but she/he also has to deal with her/his own manager.

My advice is simply to do your job as it is your own business. Do your best to learn as quick as possible and be your own manager. Then, they are here to give you the best direction to your success.

  1. “Take a vacation. You should work less.”
  2. “I’m not the only one responsible for your promotion.”
  3. “Your reputation is just as important as your work product.”
  4. “You’re in a dead-end job.”
  5. “I am stressed out. It’s not about you.”
  6. “You know more about your job that I do.”
  7. “I’m unqualified to be your manager.”
  8. ”No one knows you.”
  9. “I’m reading your emails, IMs and browser history.”
  10. “You are in charge.”

Source: Glassdoor

10 tips for an amazing cold call.

Cold calls are not dead, so better to be good at it ! Most of the company will ask you to pick up the phone and will use that metric to show your performance.

Few facts:

  • High volume cold calling (low quality)
    150~ 300 calls per day
  • High volume cold calling + predictive dialers (low quality)
    250~400 dials per day
  • Low volume cold calling (high quality, researched leads): 50+ dials per day
  • ABM + business databases (highest quality, i.e. Unomy, Insideview, DiscoverOrg): 25~75 dials per day

Cold calls are the basic of sales, we all have to pick up the phone to get some good opportunities. Did you know that the average number of cold calls per day is 50? With 50 calls you should be able to get at least few opportunities well qualified by yourself. But first you need to pass the gate keeper.

Most of the calls finish at the first door. The key is to make a small research about the company and your contact (position). You can ask more information to your contact directly when you qualify the lead. Do not spend too much time in your research (3 mins are enough). You have 50 calls to do, not 20. So better to pick up the phone to get what you want.

5 tips to pass over the secretary

  1. Say only your name and not your company
  2. Ask to talk to Mr X from [your name]
  3. Reason: where did you get the lead from: download, trial, webinar. etc.
  4. Use a high standard tone of voice
  5. Use a formal vocabulary

5 tips to perform an amazing cold call with an IT Manager

  1. Less than 10 mins
  2. Present yourself, your company and the purpose of your call
  3. Use open questions to discover the needs and then closed questions
  4. Follow the BANT strategy.
  5. Close the call with a calendar invite for the next step as a demo

Kevin Conan

Working hard or Smart?

I found this article on LinkedIn:

“The Secret To Sales You DON’T Want To Know” Source

The author said the secret is to work hard!

“There are plenty of people who try to work smart rather than hard. Those people will (oddly enough) do better than most people, I’m not going to deny that. They won’t however beat the people that work smart AND hard!”

Well, let’s talk about it ! In my career, I saw so many people working so hard, but without any positive result. I was wondering if it is enough to be a great seller??

I would say NO! That is the wrong direction ! The secret is the knowledge, and nothing will replace it.

YES: “Let’s be honest here, working in sales is hard” !


If you need to work smart, let’s focus on quality rather than quantity. The software market is highly competitive, between the other sellers and your competitors, you will need to provide the best work to differentiate yourself from the others.

DON’T RUSH your time with your prospects. We all dislike it.

What we should do:

  • Optimize your speech to the perfection
  • Optimize your time management
  • Optimize your product knowledge
  • Take your time to know your contact
  • Work as a team (Pre-sales, field, partners, sellers)
  • Don’t rush your time
  • Follow your strategy to close your deal
  • Don’t wait and act
  • Think as a seller and not a customer.

Quality work is hard, so it is better to work hard on your knowledge to optimize your skills than to rush your daily job.

Kevin Conan


How to make a great demo?

You are pretty happy, you just got a demo. You qualified the lead and the prospect is requesting a demo after a good phone call. Now, you need to make a demo to interest your contact and push him to a trial period.

Some sellers use a standard demo to every single contact, is it the right thing to do? NO! If your lead is well qualified, you got the needs, the budget and you know the job of your contact. Of course, you won’t make the same demo to an IT Manager or a technician or a CFO. So adapt your demo to your audience. No need to talk about pricing to a technician if it is not clearly express by himself. Don’t be too technical with an IT Manager or a CFO.

How to impress with your demo?

  • Adapt your demo to your audience
  • Make a round table and share your agenda.
  • Ask to your audience if they understand, make it interactive
  • Invite your contact to ask questions
  • Use only few slides (10 max) to answer the needs and do not write to much. If you write too much, they won’t pay attention to your speech.
  • If you need to make a live demo of your platform, you may need the help of your pre-sales colleague.
  • Get the answers for any questions, if not, you have to send an email ASAP
  • Take your time to explain your solution, never rush a demo to keep high your KPIs (1.30 to 2 hours is good)
  • Refine your BANT
  • Close well your demo, ask for a next step, a time-frame or a trial.
  • Schedule the next phone call or next demo.
  • Send a calendar invitation


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